Sustainability Leader

Date: Jun 23, 2022

Location: US-NY-Rochester, New York, US

Company: Bausch & Lomb

Own the development, refinement, and governance of the Company sustainability and environmental strategic framework, align with the organization goals, including integrating into the overall Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategy. 

Provide Sustainability and Environmental Subject Matter Expertise (SME) support to all Global Manufacturing Supply (GMS) sites and the Company’s ESG program. 

Establish mechanisms to systematically monitor and influence business leaders to develop and implement ESG supporting business plans, along with meeting external reporting necessities.

Lead the development of a set of business-aligned, segment-specific, internal, and public-facing product sustainability and environmental goals to gain commitment of business leaders.

Proactively establish connections and partnerships with key business leaders to build the value case for integrating sustainability into segment business strategies and priorities.

Insight to external trends and customers’ expectations, assess needs and gaps, define key priorities for sustainable products and solutions, will lead the integration of sustainability into the business. 

Support the development of strategies, tactical plans, and roadmaps to drive circularity, to design out waste and pollution and limit our impact on natural resources (Fuel, Energy, Water, Waste – FEWW Metrics).

Enable the generation of sustainability and environmental insights by shaping Company’s Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (ELCA) program.


Key Responsibilities

  • Monitor the dynamic and growing external trends and stakeholder expectations for sustainability and identify relevant insights that help us stay competitive and to future proof our business.
  • Support global customer inquiries and work with internal stakeholders to address customer tender questions related to product sustainability.
  • Support global, regional and local EHS+S colleagues, and ensure alignment with the established global strategy.
  • Promote and facilitate the active exchange of best practices, procedures, lessons learned, and other pertinent ESG information across businesses and with global partners.
  • Develop the budget required to facilitate and support the required initiatives to advance the sustainability and environmental programs.
  • Identify our needs to evolve our sustainability capabilities, processes and data requirements related to product transparency/disclosure.
  • Assure internal and external sustainability requirements are institutionalized in the Product Development process and the Life Cycle Management of our product portfolio
  • Partner with product development and other teams to integrate sustainability and environmental elements into their decision-making processes by developing and/or supporting the execution of impact assessment methodologies and tools.